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Wednesday, January 11th, 2006

Time:3:48 pm.
Mood: busy.
wow so i was looking for every possible outlet from my textbook today while trying to study for my econ quiz that's tomorrow (read: death) and i was like, "i think its been about a year since i updated my livejournal!!" so here i am!!

Recent News:

I went skiing at Mt. Snow on saturday and Stratton on sunday. Why did i come to the east coast for college if i love to ski so much? Mt. Snow sucked... a lot, but stratton was good. Small, a bit icy, and the only challenging terrain was the never ending moguls, but i met up with a bunch of friends and had a blast!!

Classes are good, i'm taking literature of the renaissance, intro to economics, and a globalization class. Today my loopy renaissance teacher told us that when god created man he probably had an orgasm, and that we should really read poetry as if it was a dirty novel. She's like 85, its interesting.

I might go climbing later tonight, i've got aerobics: "butts and guts!" at 5:45, so i don't know if i'm going to have the energy or the drive to go climbing with a bunch of climber junkies who pretty much kick ass, i probably won't be in the mood for looking like an idiot/ out of shape/ retarded/ you get my drift.

Ok, that's it for now, i'm going to go back to the study of how my ass is going to get burned on my econ quiz tomorrow.

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Friday, February 18th, 2005

Time:10:07 pm.
Oh man i haven't updated in forever. I think it is because i HAVE switched over to the dark side... myspace. i'm addicted. anyway, i'm in whistler for the weekend but i'm bored right now so i figured i'd drop by and say hello!
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Sunday, January 23rd, 2005

Time:3:26 pm.
Mood: chipper.
Yeah, so final's suck. I thought I was going to get to work late tonight studying, but instead my mom invited over my pseudo aunt, uncle, and grandma (we're not related, but they are totally family) for our "Christmas Dinner" fuck.

Theres no getting out of this, and i'm not even done studying for my 1st of 3 finals tomorrow.


Feel free to call my cell tonight so i can go downstairs and chit chat/ study.

Union college sends out "letters" by Feb 1st!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me! (To those of you who don't know, that's my #1 school, and if i get in, it's binding)

 I Love You!
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Saturday, January 22nd, 2005

Subject:horrible day
Time:8:14 pm.
Holy crap today was exhausting, and sorta scary. My mom's been driving me nuts and I finally broke. I had the hugest fight/tantrum i have had in a loooooooooooonnnnnnnngggggggg time, like i can't remember ever SCREAMING at my mom. It was insane.

Long story short: My parents switched from paying for everything to giving me X amount of money to pay for everything. everything: clothes, soap, lotion, prescriptions, dresses, snacks, coffee, etc. etc.) She doesn't pay for anything anymore. Well, in July she made the list of what she thinks I spend each month and its about 1/2 of what it needs to be.

Now, I am broke and I need all these things but can't afford them. And my mom is giving me this line about "budgeting my money" which is a load of shit, i mean come on, i shouldn't have to budget my money so i can pay for my athsma medicine, my deodorant, and my running shoes, I need all three so I shouldn't have to not have running shoes to pay for my meds. Anyway, I got so pissed today that i was screaming at her, and bawling. It was horrible, and now i'm exhausted.

And, instead of studying today I fought, slept, and applied for jobs to piss off my mom. I need money and I hate my parents.

And i know this makes me sound like a spoiled brat: but I'm not used to it and its really hard to deal with.
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Tuesday, January 18th, 2005

Time:1:13 am.
Holy shit. I just finished putting together our government binder: I finished the "minutes", the research paper, the table of contents, the table of appendices, the e-mail log, the research section... basically everything is completed and in the binder. I should probably re-proofread the paper though. except its due tomorrow and its 1:15 am. lunch time perhaps?

Good Night!
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Sunday, January 9th, 2005

Time:9:48 am.
Hey! Check out my Photos from Senior Ball!

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Thursday, January 6th, 2005

Time:7:42 pm.

Home SWEET HOME!!!!!!!!

~yay I made it!!~

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Wednesday, January 5th, 2005

Time:10:22 pm.
Hello! So now i'm in the Bombay airport waiting for my flight to Singapore/Seoul/San Francisco/Seattle. We still have 2 1/2 hrs until our flight.

Bombay is awesome, its my fave city in India. Today totally rocked. The most exciting part was walking/wading in the Arabian Sea!

In the end it was an awesome trip, but i am SO READY to come home!!!
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Subject:PS does anyone want a Gmail account?
Time:10:05 pm.
Thirteen random things you like:
1. Miso Soup
2. The french language
3. having my hair washed at the salon
4. trying to do the splits (i used to be able to)
5. skiing
6. classical music
7. dreaming (like while sleeping)
8. sleeping
9. writing research papers
10. chewing straws like gum
11. tanning
12. being flattered
13. cleaning other people's rooms

Twelve movies:
1. Lost in Translation
2. Bourne Supremacy
3. L'auberge Espagnole
4. Touching the void
5. Amelie
6. Mighty Ducks
7. Ferris Bueler's
8. Red Lights
9. Girl with a pearl earring
10. Top Gun
11. Crouching tiger hidden dragon
12. Run Lola Run

Eleven good bands/artists:
1. Green Day
2. Beethovan
3. The Beatles
4. THe Who
5. Charlotte Church
6. Interpol
7. Crystal Method
8. Ludacris
9. Seal
10. Madonna
11. U2

Ten things about you ... physically:
1. I dyed my hair brown
2. I have blue eyes
3. I go tanning
4. ears pierced
5. My first toe (big toe) is about 3/4 of an inch longer than the rest f my toes
6. 35 C (convient, i know)
7. Hairy arms
8. I hate my nose
9. I brush my teeth about 5 times a day (or more)
10. I have a big freckle on my boob

Nine Good Friends:
1. ashley
2. hannah
3. michael
4. molly
5. ana
6. meaghan
7. chris
8. caitlin
9. phil
---------------can i put more than 9??? please!!!-----------------------

Eight favorite foods/drinks:
1. ice cream
2. right now: anything not indian
3. chocolate milk
4. spaghetti
5. pomegranate
6. miso soup
7. sushi
8. veggies

Seven things you wear daily:
1. underwear
2. bra
3. shirt
4. flip flops
5. my india ring
6. my buddhist bracelet
7. a necklace

Six things that annoy you:
1. people who fake being a certain way (ex: more refined)
2. pushy people
3. when people make chewing noises
4. people with bad table manners in general
5. stuff i can't control (only to a small degree)
6. hypocrites

Five things you touch everyday:
1. my hair/face/body etc.
2. my dog *unless i'm on vacation
3. my cat
4. friends
5. my parents

Four shows you watch:
1. The west wing
2. sex and the city
3. The OC

Three celebrities you have a crush on.
1. the french guy from Unfaithful
2. Tom Cruise
3. CR Johnson
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Tuesday, January 4th, 2005

Time:10:18 pm.

I am now in Bombay, i arrived tonight from Aurangabad. This is such a nice city! after all of my travles i didn't know there was any city this nice in all of india! Its like New York City! Great way to end the trip!

Tomorrow night at midnight (10:30am your time, wednesday) I will be hopping my plane home. I CAN'T WAIT! I love it here but i'm tired of the food and i miss home.

I hope school is going well for everyone? I have so much to do when i get home on thurs... i'm going to be working alll day fri,sat, and sun. with a break for sr. ball. yay for sr. ball! i'm stoked!

Should I wear:

My teal colored Sari that i bought here? Pro: super cool Con: really hard to dance in & hot (temperature): think big long dress
A firefighter outfit, Pro: easy to dance in, fun Con: not too creative
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Sunday, January 2nd, 2005

Time:7:16 pm.
i hope everyone had a fantastic new years eve! (and safe) The wedding was today, long and weird. I'll elaborate later. Have a good week back at school!
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Friday, December 31st, 2004

Time:5:43 am.
So i'm still in the Bombay airport, and my plane is now an hour delayed. so i will be here for 7 hrs. lets just hope its not any longer
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Time:2:05 am.
Hello All!

So now i'm in the Mumbai airport for the next 6 hrs, i just flew from Udiapur to Mumbai and then I am going to Aranguabad for my cousin's wedding which starts tomorrow.

I am better now, no longer super sick, but I am still taking the medicine, so i stay well. but yesterday i ate at breakfast and felt horrible so i stayed in the room while my parents toured these palaces and museum. fine with me, i hate museums.

ok well i hope everyone has a good new years eve! i'm jealous of all of you in whistler, as I will be spending my new years completely sober with my parents, starving b/c i'm afraid to eat. but the wedding will be super cool tomorrow.

Oh and i made a list of things i want to do when i get home:

eat a salad
drink out of a drinking fountain or fawcett
go to black angus and have a steak (yeah i know, weird)
have ice in my drink
not use hand sanitizer after i wash my hands
sleep in my bed
see my pets
go to starbucks
eat fruit

ok the list goes on, but i'll spare you. see you guys soon! happy new year!
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Wednesday, December 29th, 2004

Subject:sick in India
Time:6:12 pm.
oh man... so after 2 days in Jodhpur we went to the camel camp in Osiyan, to stay in the desert for a night. in a tent. well... I caught some sort of bacteria somewhere and I was as sick as a dog last night. THANK GOD our tent had a bathroom because I had explosive diarrhea and I was throwing up. From about 5:30 PM until about 1am i thought i was going to die. and i had a fever and it was about 40 degrees and yeah, it was horrible! i'll spare you the details, but I want to come home.

Oh and we had to drive 8 hrs to Osiyan today which was kinda bad b/c i felt like shit and i'm not totally done being sick.
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Monday, December 27th, 2004

Time:9:45 pm.
oh and to anyone who is wondering:

We are totally fine following the earthquake that hit Sumatra, Indonesia. Right now we are near the Pakistan border, so quite a loooong way away from the tip of India, where the Tsunami hit.

We are really lucky though because our origional plans were to go to Kerala, the tip area, and to Goa before the wedding (60 people died in Kerala, India because of the tsunami) instead of coming to northern india to see Delhi, Jaipur, the Taj Mahal... etc. So we could've been there. We also considered going to Phuket, Thailand for this week... and i think 3,000 or something died there.

Every spare moment we've got we have been glued to the TV watching the updates about the situation. However today i did take a break from all the depressing news to watch 15 minutes of "India Idol" what a kick!

Much love, Linds
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Time:9:10 pm.
oh my god i am going CRAZY!!! are you g-mail users having issues with Gmail right now? or is it just the old IE browser and dialup modem that i'm finding on these computers in India. I wrote a bunch of e-mails yesterday and I'm dying to see if i got replies... and I can't get into my gmail account OR my hotmail account AND Aim Express and AIM quick buddy won't work. thank god for LJ

today was very interesting. after driving from Jaipur to Jodhpur (6 1/2 hrs) we went into town to this CRAZY bazaar/market. our driver told us not to talk to anyone. well, whoops: i'm a talker. after saying "namaste" (hello in hindi) to one person we had 3 stalkers who were makign weird phone calls, we think about us and where we were going. And then we had these crowds of people trying to separate us. it was scarrryyyy! and these guys are like, "please mam come to my store! it is only a block down this alley" and when i ignore them... "mam! I am just trying to improoove my english. my language, is it good? I am no street person, i just want to practice english. Please mam come see hte spices at my store" etc. etc. etc. it was INSANE. And then i wanted to buy these things that were way overpriced so my dad and i were bargaining with this lady, and this huge crowd of indians gathered and the lady was getting very angry and some of the men in the crowd were probably going to hurt us. that was really scary. My dad and I play this game of bargaining down a price, but I was like "dad, pay the fucking price. Or we're going to be in serious trouble"
which was so true... it was sketchy. too bad we didn't get it on film. we were too worried about our lives to hand mom the video camera. I got some good footage of cows eating garbage tho.

ok well i'm off to bed. Tomorrow night i'm spending in a tent in the desert, so i doubt i'll be near a computer. Toodles!
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Saturday, December 25th, 2004

Time:11:39 pm.
Merry Christmas from India!
whoo hoo! more free internet! so now i'm in Jaipur, this city made of pink sandstone. Here's how everything has gone:

First: We arrived in Delhi after 41 hours of travelling. (from door to door) come to find that our bags were still in LA. Fuck. so for the next 2 days I wore the same sweats I wore on the plane. But it was cool at least i was in India. In delhi we basically saw a fort, ghandi's tomb, and some other palaces and temples.

Next day we drove to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. which was awesome

Day after that we drove to Ranthambore to go on some tiger safari, where we didn't see any tigers, but we saw a ton of other cool animals.

Speaking of driving... holy shit! first off they drive on the left side of the road, which is fine, but then they tailgate like mad and honk their horn more often than i look in the rear view mirror. and they honk to say that they want to pass, which is really common, especially with all the cows, dogs, camels, oxen, and goats in the road. Oh and BTW its a BIG no no to hit a cow, u have to pay like 12,000 rupies, which is like: $400 or something close to that. Oh and there are like 45 different modes of transportation, its nuts here!!! so glad I am not driving!

Then today we drove to Jaipur, the pink city. Oh and every car trip between these cities is between 4 and 6 hours long... and the roads are like 1 lane and theres tons and tons of stuff on the roads, i'm lucky to be alive.

Today in Jaipur we went to teh bazaars, which are like streets with shops. packed with people, dogs, and cows. and all these kids in rags who are begging, and by begging i mean stalking you. its kinda scary, and super sad too. the poverty here is unfathomable. they say that people here live on $1 per day... if that.

so far so good about not getting sick (aka delhi belly) but the food does wreak havoc on my system. i'm taking a dose or two of pepto or zantak every day... which is probably bad for me, but i ate dinner 2 hrs ago and my mouth is still on fire!

Ok i'm out, i'll talk to you guys later, Merry Christmas!
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Tuesday, December 21st, 2004

Subject:Hello from Singapore!
Time:12:53 pm.
Hello from Singapore!
Here it is tuesday dec. 21st at 12:55 pm... but at home its monday at 8:55 pm... i think... so anyway i've been traveling now for 28 hours... let me tell you, 14 hrs on a plane is insane! but the planes were really cool, 60 movies and like 210 CDs that you could start, re wind, fast forward, etc... it wasn't too bad. now i'm in singapore for my 4 hour layover. and being the smart kid i am, i found the free internet!!! yay!
anyway this airport is the most beautiful place ever, there are palm trees and orchids everywhere and its nicely carpeted, and there are stores like prada, gucci, ralph lauren, chanel, swatch, MAC, its like a glorified shopping mall and everyone is really really nice.

the LA airport was hell! ourflight from seattle was 2 hrs delayed so we had 30 minutes to go outside LAX and recheck in at the counter and then make it to our flight. and it was like mosh pit everywhere. i just shoved people out of the way but my mom had a little trouble doing that. after LAX was the 14 hrs to Taipei where we got off for 30 minutes while they refueled and hten got back on for hte 4 hrs to singapore. and now i've got 4 hrs here and then a 6 hr flight to New Delhi. Man... this is going to make flying o the east coast a breeze!

So thats basically it... and i stink... a lot, and my hair is all greasy and yeah, i really wanta shower. i'll get one in about 11hrs... god.

be glad u guys aren't sitting next to me (poor mom)

Love y'all and hopefully i'll find more free inernet!

P.S. kathy cao- I took a picture in the taipei airport for you but it was 6am and there wasn't anybody in there. and it was just a boring, empty hallway. shucks
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Sunday, December 19th, 2004

Subject:Bon Voyage
Time:12:08 pm.
Mood: excited.
Hello Everyone
This is my last update for about 3 weeks because in 3 hours I am leaving for the Airport to go to India.

I am soooo excited!!! I'm not packed yet but everything is laid out on my bed, so all i have to do is put it in my bag.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me: I've got 12 plane rides between now and january 7th.

From Seattle to L.A.
From L.A. to Tokyo
From Tokyo to Taipei
From Taipei to New Delhi
Then... after some sightseeing and about 10 days in Northern India...
From New Delhi to Bombay
From Bombay to Aranguabad (I can't spell that one)

And then everything reverse.

Fun eh?

OOh i got the coolest thing for christmas! it is the BEST THING I have ever gotten! it is a signed Johnny Mosely poster of him skiing at whistler and it says, "To Linds- see you up here!" thank you bertolin family!!!!

Chuttiyo Ki Shubkaamnayein (Happy Holidays in Hindi)
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Monday, December 13th, 2004

Time:11:22 pm.

So for all of you who don't know, I did not get in to Penn. Well, my second choice is Union, which is actually my favorite school. I LOVE UNION. I totally do and i'm so excited b/c i really really want to go there. Anyway so i'm sending in my app this week, it is all done... and my mom today was like, "i need to talk to you"

To make a long story short: My mom told me that she and my dad think that I will hate Union. SHe said she thinks i want to go there b/c the ratio is 53:47 Girls: Boys. which is cool, but not the reason i want to go there!

I hate them, my favorite fucking school and they're telling me i'm going to hate it. I don't pay attention, i don't care. but I FUCKING HATE HER FOR SAYING THAT!
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