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Bon Voyage

Hello Everyone
This is my last update for about 3 weeks because in 3 hours I am leaving for the Airport to go to India.

I am soooo excited!!! I'm not packed yet but everything is laid out on my bed, so all i have to do is put it in my bag.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me: I've got 12 plane rides between now and january 7th.

From Seattle to L.A.
From L.A. to Tokyo
From Tokyo to Taipei
From Taipei to New Delhi
Then... after some sightseeing and about 10 days in Northern India...
From New Delhi to Bombay
From Bombay to Aranguabad (I can't spell that one)

And then everything reverse.

Fun eh?

OOh i got the coolest thing for christmas! it is the BEST THING I have ever gotten! it is a signed Johnny Mosely poster of him skiing at whistler and it says, "To Linds- see you up here!" thank you bertolin family!!!!

Chuttiyo Ki Shubkaamnayein (Happy Holidays in Hindi)
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