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Hello from Singapore!

Hello from Singapore!
Here it is tuesday dec. 21st at 12:55 pm... but at home its monday at 8:55 pm... i think... so anyway i've been traveling now for 28 hours... let me tell you, 14 hrs on a plane is insane! but the planes were really cool, 60 movies and like 210 CDs that you could start, re wind, fast forward, etc... it wasn't too bad. now i'm in singapore for my 4 hour layover. and being the smart kid i am, i found the free internet!!! yay!
anyway this airport is the most beautiful place ever, there are palm trees and orchids everywhere and its nicely carpeted, and there are stores like prada, gucci, ralph lauren, chanel, swatch, MAC, its like a glorified shopping mall and everyone is really really nice.

the LA airport was hell! ourflight from seattle was 2 hrs delayed so we had 30 minutes to go outside LAX and recheck in at the counter and then make it to our flight. and it was like mosh pit everywhere. i just shoved people out of the way but my mom had a little trouble doing that. after LAX was the 14 hrs to Taipei where we got off for 30 minutes while they refueled and hten got back on for hte 4 hrs to singapore. and now i've got 4 hrs here and then a 6 hr flight to New Delhi. Man... this is going to make flying o the east coast a breeze!

So thats basically it... and i stink... a lot, and my hair is all greasy and yeah, i really wanta shower. i'll get one in about 11hrs... god.

be glad u guys aren't sitting next to me (poor mom)

Love y'all and hopefully i'll find more free inernet!

P.S. kathy cao- I took a picture in the taipei airport for you but it was 6am and there wasn't anybody in there. and it was just a boring, empty hallway. shucks
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