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Merry Christmas from India!
whoo hoo! more free internet! so now i'm in Jaipur, this city made of pink sandstone. Here's how everything has gone:

First: We arrived in Delhi after 41 hours of travelling. (from door to door) come to find that our bags were still in LA. Fuck. so for the next 2 days I wore the same sweats I wore on the plane. But it was cool at least i was in India. In delhi we basically saw a fort, ghandi's tomb, and some other palaces and temples.

Next day we drove to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. which was awesome

Day after that we drove to Ranthambore to go on some tiger safari, where we didn't see any tigers, but we saw a ton of other cool animals.

Speaking of driving... holy shit! first off they drive on the left side of the road, which is fine, but then they tailgate like mad and honk their horn more often than i look in the rear view mirror. and they honk to say that they want to pass, which is really common, especially with all the cows, dogs, camels, oxen, and goats in the road. Oh and BTW its a BIG no no to hit a cow, u have to pay like 12,000 rupies, which is like: $400 or something close to that. Oh and there are like 45 different modes of transportation, its nuts here!!! so glad I am not driving!

Then today we drove to Jaipur, the pink city. Oh and every car trip between these cities is between 4 and 6 hours long... and the roads are like 1 lane and theres tons and tons of stuff on the roads, i'm lucky to be alive.

Today in Jaipur we went to teh bazaars, which are like streets with shops. packed with people, dogs, and cows. and all these kids in rags who are begging, and by begging i mean stalking you. its kinda scary, and super sad too. the poverty here is unfathomable. they say that people here live on $1 per day... if that.

so far so good about not getting sick (aka delhi belly) but the food does wreak havoc on my system. i'm taking a dose or two of pepto or zantak every day... which is probably bad for me, but i ate dinner 2 hrs ago and my mouth is still on fire!

Ok i'm out, i'll talk to you guys later, Merry Christmas!
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thank you for having an lj that's way fun to read.
you are welcome!! i hope ur having a good break!
You should ask for beef next time you eat.
bad jared, bad.
I like how i'm living my boring break through you. haha. Can't wait to hear more!!!
i'm glad you are! (enjoying my updates) hopefully your break will become less boring!


December 26 2004, 07:29:09 UTC 13 years ago

you ok? i was watching cnn and they said that there was a bad earthquake in india. let me know.


December 26 2004, 07:31:09 UTC 13 years ago

anonymous= chris b-s
hey! the earthquake was a 8.9 off the coast of sumatra, Indonesia. the tsunami wave hit the south eastern coast (tip) of India and Kerala (which is on the western side of the tip). I am, however, near the Pakistan border. So I am a really long ways away from all the damage. reports are over 20,000 people dead in southeast asia! scary!!! thanks for checking tho! what's ur e-mail address, i don't think i have it. is mine
hey let me know how things (especially YOU )are after the big quake stuff...definitly email as soon as possible darling.
hey- I'm totally fine, i'm near the pakistan border so nothing came near me. have a good time in whistler!
P.S. I did an update that i think didn't work, but if u got two replies, ur extra special!