Linds (dirtimartini19) wrote,

horrible day

Holy crap today was exhausting, and sorta scary. My mom's been driving me nuts and I finally broke. I had the hugest fight/tantrum i have had in a loooooooooooonnnnnnnngggggggg time, like i can't remember ever SCREAMING at my mom. It was insane.

Long story short: My parents switched from paying for everything to giving me X amount of money to pay for everything. everything: clothes, soap, lotion, prescriptions, dresses, snacks, coffee, etc. etc.) She doesn't pay for anything anymore. Well, in July she made the list of what she thinks I spend each month and its about 1/2 of what it needs to be.

Now, I am broke and I need all these things but can't afford them. And my mom is giving me this line about "budgeting my money" which is a load of shit, i mean come on, i shouldn't have to budget my money so i can pay for my athsma medicine, my deodorant, and my running shoes, I need all three so I shouldn't have to not have running shoes to pay for my meds. Anyway, I got so pissed today that i was screaming at her, and bawling. It was horrible, and now i'm exhausted.

And, instead of studying today I fought, slept, and applied for jobs to piss off my mom. I need money and I hate my parents.

And i know this makes me sound like a spoiled brat: but I'm not used to it and its really hard to deal with.
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